Tournament Shark Review

Tournament Shark (download it from the official website here) is a product specifically designed for MTT and SNG fans.  Tournament Shark attaches itself to all of your MTTs or SNGs and profiles all of the players at your table to show everyones MTT win-rate%, ROI%, ITMT, average finish and the number of tournaments under their belt.  It gives users a key advantage by allowing them to see each player’s background and distinguish the pros from the fishes.

Tournament Shark is also one of the only piece of software that includes a HUDs that can be used in multi-table tournaments.  Tournament Shark’s HUD displays an array of stats for each opponent during the game including VPIP%, PRF%, 3Bet%. Before Tournament Shark became available there was a big gap in the software market for poker tournament players.  This was somewhat surprising given the high concentration of traffic in multi-table tournaments.  However, Tournament Shark has stepped in and provided a fantastic product for all MTT and SNG players that runs smoothly and is easy to set up.

Tournament Shark’s main feature is its ability to instantly recognizes and profile all of the opponents at your table.  This is a massive advantage as it saves the need for having to manually search player’s username on PokerDB or and opening up a new browser whilst in the middle of the game.

Tournament Shark provides a series of useful stats for all of your opponents including their overall win-rate, ROI%, average finishes and ITM%.   These are displayed in a small box under the table that can be viewed quite easily and clearly idenfy each player’s stats or even buy-in level.  Users can minimize this box at any time.  To make things even easier, Tournament Shark even rates players on a scale of 2 – A to quickly help you figure out the pro’s from the fishes (only the best players on online poker will be labeled with an “A”).

MTT players will all understand the benefits of this product given the importance of strong reads on opponents in the later stages of tournaments. When confronted with an all-ins, push/shove or early position shoves situation, every single shred of information can be the difference between a final table finish and and a busto.

Poker Tournament HUD

Tournament Shark’s HUD is one of the only HUD’s specifically designed for use in multi-table tournaments. It works a charm just like any other cash game HUD would, displaying a 2 line overlay for all of the important stats including VPIP%, RFI%, 3/4Bet%. This help an awful lot in the middle of a tournament when you have very little reads to go on and you keep getting moves to different tables with new players.  The 3bet% stat is the most important in my opinion because the combination of this and their other tournament stats allows you to narrow down an opponent’s range and decide whether to make a profitable call or not.


For tournament fans, Tournament Shark is a must have product.  The benefits from knowing the background of all the players at your table combined with a working HUD is extremely helpful. If you don’t play that much in tournaments we recommend checking Holdem Manager or Poker Evolver.