PokerStars HUD

The biggest and post popular online poker site right now is PokerStars. So it’s no surprise a lot of guys are looking for the best PokerStars HUD. I personally use and always recommend Poker Tracker 4 (PT 4 for short). This is an extremely well-made, very easy to set up and use piece of software that can vastly improve your odds of winning more. Right now PT 4 comes with a full 14 days 100% free trial and there is virtually no reason not to give it a try!

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A few of the reasons why I love this PokerStars HUD so much:

  • Ready to go right after you download it, initial setup takes a few minutes
  • EZ to use by any level of tech-savvy users
  • Get instantly access to hundreds of stats, laid out beautifully right on the table you are playing
  • Constant, free updates for life – you will never pay a dime after your purchase, which leads me to the nest major point:
  • One time, very affordable fee! There are no monthly subscriptions, no up sales for extra functionality – all is included with the one time purchase. And that initial cost is as low as $65 so it won’t set you back much indeed
  • You can use this poker HUD not only on PokerStars but on over a dozen other sites and apps like 888poker, Americas Cardroom, Winamax, PokerKing Asian, KKKpoker and many more . All rooms are supported for a one time low fee

Grab PT4 Poker HUD Now and Use For Free For 14 days



There are not that many good options when it comes to PokerStars HUD trackers. Creating and keeping this type of a software is a monumental task and not many companies are up to it. It doesn’t help much that PS, like most rooms, often makes changes are this leads to the need of major updates for the HUD for PokerStars. The smart folks at PT4 have kept it perfectly working for over 10 years! This is as good as it gets in this business and speaks volumes. No other PokerStars poker HUD have been around that long and offers this level of data at your disposal. The one-time fee is also a huge plus in my book and the fact that there is a completely free trial is all one need to start winning more and more often.

Free Download and Use Of All Function For a Limited Time


PT4 offer support for Texas Holdem and Omaha type of game at PokerStars. 

The full package for all stakes and both types of games costs $160 but if you play only Holdem or low stakes you get get it for as low as $64.99. Again – this is one time purchase, no monthly fees, no nothing to pay extra! PT4 is not only the best PokerStars HUD , it is also the most affordable!

Are poker HUD trackers allowed on PokerStars?

Yes! Pokerstars is just fine with our use of trackers as long as they are on the approved list, and of course PT4 is on that list, so everything is 100% legit!

What is a poker HUD?

A poker HUD is a software that shows a ton of stats on how your opponents have played their hands at specific situations. There are over 100 different stats we get when using PT4, and to be honest, I haven’t really needed like most of them, lol. But having more info never hurts, right?

What about Holdem Manager or Hand2Note? I heard they are good too

HM3 is a beast! It is actually made by the same folks who make PT4, same company, and is very similar as options and price goes. I give the nod and use PT4 just because it is more intuitive and to me – much easier to use. Hand2Note is not bad at all but comes with one major drawback – monthly fees. I don’t like those. In the long run it will cost you way more that just paying once for Poker Tracker. You have to pay like $30 a month, every month to get what PT4 offers for a one time charge. The very few extra stats they have really don’t help that much IMHO.

In conclusion

If you are looking for the best PokerStars HUD – PT4 is currently the answer. Comes with a ton of stats, easy to use and very cheap this is the HUD I personally use and tell other to get! There is a free trial offered at the moment so you can test it all by yourself with zero risk.