Poker-Edge Poker HUD Review

poker-Edge is one our all time favorite poker HUDs but unfortunate (just like with Poker Evolver) the developers are not updating it regularly. This is our hands-on review but please have in mind that the HUD haven;t been updated in a while, and most likely won’t be, ever:( You can still download it from a few websites for free so there is no harm in testing it. For a HUD that is updated regularly and works like charm check our Holdem Manager review posted here.

Poker-Edge is armed with more stats, more features and is a much better software solution for players looking to gain an edge at the tables.  Poker-Edge combines 5 great tools into one, including a Poker HUD, poker calculator, player report, table finder and fish notifications feature.  Overall, Poker-Edge has one of the highest conversion rates for users going from the trial version to purchasing a license, that’s of course old stats from back in the day when this HUD was up and running as expected.

One of the main problems with other poker tracking software such as Holdem Manager is that for new users it’s almost worthless. Without an extensive set of hand history and data, you simply won’t have played enough games to get reliable stats to use in your poker HUD.  Conservatively, let’s say you need at last 500 hands to get a reliable stats for post-flop action.

Luckily, Poker-Edge remedies this fact  by using a remote central database which includes over 10 billion hands and increases by 10 million each day.  This gives you instant data for your Poker HUD, which gives you more reads and a bigger edge than any other poker tracking software.  When you buy Poker-Edge, you basically get a whopping collection of stats and hand history for every opponent regardless of where you play.  Any new players who purchase Poker Edge will instantly be able to take advantage of this and have comprehensive stats on every opponent including their 3betting range, their pre-flop raise frequency, how often they win showdowns etc…If you double click on the HUD stats you can pull out a bigger screen of stats which includes a graph of a player’s long term win-rate.  Importantly, you no longer have to fork out on purchasing and importing hand history stats from sites like, which can quite frankly be tedious and expensive.

The poker HUD tracker does a range of  regular tasks such as recognizing opponents, pulling up their stats and letting you customize which ones are display. Unlike other poker HUD’s, Poker-Edge’s HUD is dynamic in that it displays relevant stats for each street.   Also known as “States” technology, this reduces the clutter on screen by showing only those stats that are relevant for that street.  For example, in the pre-flop stage of the hand you’ll see the various PRF, RFI% but as the hand progresses to the flop it’ll show the cBet%, WWSF% which is much more convenient.

The Detailed players reports and post-game coverage in Poker-Edge is what it is all about.  When I used this product I had plenty of fun looking at my game from all the angles and filtering options to see what hands I 3bet or cbet with.  The new interface is more streamlined and user-friendly than other products such as HM’s, and this makes spotting mistakes in your game and analyzing profit graphs much easier.   You can literally split your game into hundreds of segments and compare sessions.  The odds calculator is an additional feature to take advantage of which automatically displays your “outs” and pot odds on your table screen if needed.  I don’t personally use this feature myself, but I would definitely recommend it to beginners.

Asides from Poker-Edge’s powerful HUD and reports, Poker Edge has a new notifications feature which can be customized to notify you of any given hand or situation.  For example, every time you are dealt JJ or get re-raised on the river you can customize it to make you notified.  The fish finder also pops up to let you know when a highlighted player has logged into a poker site.  This is an awesome feature, you get to know instantly when a massive fish is playing at yours or another table and how to find them.