Holdem Manager Review

Holdem Manager ( or just HM as most poker players call it) is one of the most complete poker analytics tool and is very highly regarded among poker forums.  With a number of features, add-ons and tracking software, Holdem Manager is a great poker HUD for any aspiring poker player.

Holdem Manager is a multi-purpose poker tracking software that includes its own hand history database, an admirable poker HUD, full customization stats and graphs and useful in-game table features.  HM works by saving and compiling all of your hand history text files into a PostgreSQL database (this means you can use previous hand history files in your poker account).  HM breakdowns and provides multi-layered reports for all this data by letting you filter a range of stats and graphs (including profits, all-in EV and showdown profits).

HM also contains a table selector module to find the fishiest games, a leak finding system to catch out leaks in your game (Leak Buster)  and its versatility means you can even customize it to use in Omaha. When your opponent mucks his hand HM lets you view it instantly.

Holdem Manager is most importantly user-friendly and split into 3 main areas: Cash Games, Tournaments/Sngs and the HUD.

The former 2 area are used offline to track and analyse your play.  The poker HUD serves its online purpose to display real time information on your opponents.  And it does this very well.  You can use the standard VPIP/PFR/AGG/3-BET customization or you can add additional statistics for more player analysis.

The database configuration and breakdown of your opponents playing style is probably the most useful part of Holdem Manager however.  It lets you analyse your opponents past pre-flop hole cards, what hands they raise with, 3bet with, called-to-raise with etc.  This is vital information that lets you understand a players game and Holdem Manager does this extremely well – i.e. are they 3betting loosely from mid-position with Broadway cards?  You can find this out with the click of a button.

HM main features:

Powerful HUD and Full Customization: Hold’em Managers’ easy-to-read graphs and multiple tools deliver the most comprehensive analysis of your game.

Displays Hundreds of Stats: Want to see how often your opponent 3-bets? 4-bets? Squeezes?  Hold’em Manager has it all in a clear and easy-to-read presentation.

Unlimited database size: Hold’em Manager becomes even more valuable as your database grows.

Multiple Graphs: Curious about All-in EV (Expected Value), Rakeback, or Showdown profits?  Hold’em Manager has this and more.

Mucked Card Display: No lengthy process to see opponents mucked cards. Hold’em makes it quick and simple with an instant display.

Replayer: Replay old hands with current or overall stats.

Automatic Tourney Results: Hold’em Manager tracks your stats, including luck factors.