We are a small but very passionate group of poker enthusiasts from different parts of the World who like to discuss and share our experiences playing online poker. At last count we have upwards of 35 years of combines play and we hope you find your little blog here useful. It’s main topic for the time being will be “poker HUD” trackers. We wrote articles on the popular but controversial issues like:

  • What are poker HUDs
  • Should and why folks use them at all
  • Should they even be allowed in the online poker rooms and many more.

We vouch to (at least) try to keep this website as regularly updated as possible and to keep you guys informed about everything that happens in the poker World and the new advances with the poker HUDs (Heads Up Display). To get things started here are a few of our latest reviews – check this link, this one and this one right here. Way more to come! There are plenty of HUDs available now so we will be pretty busy in the coming weeks/months reviews and posting here. feel free to bookmark and visit us often to stay up-to-date on everything!