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PokerHUD.org – No.1 Poker HUD Guide

PokerHUD.org is the number one site for poker players wanting to learn how to use a Poker HUD in online poker. I’ve taken my time to provide a number of useful guides for new users looking to buy or understand how to use a heads up display - one of the most common peices of software in online poker.


Best Poker HUD: Poker-Edge.com (5 Day Free Trial)

One of the best Poker HUDs that I’ve come across is Poker-Edge. The new version of Poker-Edge is far more streamlined and user-friendly then other softwarefrom HM or PT.  The Poker HUD plugs straight into a remote central database with billions of hands worth of history to give you better  stats. The Heads Up Display is also dynamic, in that it displays relevant stats for each street which helps it reduce onscreen clutter and makes it easier to use. Try visiting the Poker-Edge.com website or my Poker-Edge Review for more videos and info.

What is a Poker HUD?

A Poker HUD (heads up display) is a tool that displays statistics/numbers in an overlay box about the oppponents at your table.  It can increase your bb/hr win-rate by helping you analyse players in cash games and narrowing down their hand ranges on different steets, such as their playing style and how agressive they are.  The HUD Stats, such as VPIP%, 3bet%, PFR% (pre-flop raise) and AG (agression post-flop), which are displayed by different colour numbers and lines, all help you to understand an opponent’s playing style and relative hand strength in a pot.  For example, if an opponent has a cbet/f% of 66%, it means that he’ll fold to 66% or more of my cbets so I can use this information to know that I should always cbet him in position.

Do I Need to Use Poker Tracking Software?

Pretty much yes!  Every good poker player who plays above the micro-stakes games online will be using a HUD, and inevitably you’ll need to start using one to make serious profits in online poker.  Generally, you should always be looking for ways to get an edge over opponents.  You can try reading the Poker Blueprint or other poker ebooks as a starting point but ultimate you’re going to have to start using a Poker HUD tool if you want to play micro to high stakes games profitably.  The most obvious advantage is that it lets you do is exploit the opponents and regulars at your table.

Incorporating a Heads Up Display and player statistics into your strategy lets you increase your bb/100 win-rate.  You can control more pots, bluff weak players and know when you’re behind on flop, turn or river.  I agree it can seem a little scary paying for something you have no clue about, but I honestly recommend  anyone who plays cash tables even at the micro-stakes level should get one.  In fact, if you’re multi-tabling at Nl25 or above then you practically need one to make real profits.  Most poker players actually get stuck at these stakes, because there’s such a steep gap between NL25 and NL100, you need to be far more agressive and even 4bet regularly at these stakes. I think overall you’ll need to use live tracking software like Poker-Edge to do this, and if you’ve watched any training videos from pros then you’ll see them using this.   Over, I’d say that using a tool such as Poker-Edge can increase your win-rate massively, perhaps even by 50% or more from 4bbs/100 to 7bbs/100 .

Poker Software Guides:

How Does Using a HUD Help me Improve?

Let me just point out that a HUD is just one part of the package when you purchase poker tracking software such as Poker Office.  That being said, it will help you in online poker as follows:

Firstly, a HUD breaks down your opponents into clear categories.  You can sense who the pros are at the table, which helps you avoid tricky situations in bad pots.  Likewise, you can also pick out the fish and spend more time bluffing/extracting value from these players.  Secondly, it enables you to narrow down your opponent’s hand range on each street.  By viewing their VPIP%, PRR% (Pre-Flop Raising), or FIR% figure, you can accurately break down their strength of hands, for example, if a player has a 10% 3bet stat, then it shows he is 3betting light with very weak hands.

Finally, a Heads Up Display can make multi-tabling more profitable.  Normally when you multi-table you lose the ability to pick up reads on every player because of a lack of concentration on each table.  However a HUD menas that you can rely on statistics and figures to make up for a lack of reads or notes.  This is great when you run into an opponent who 3bets you from CO for example, and then you are unsure whether to 4bet bluff him or fold, depending on his relative hand strength.  A high RFI% or Attempt to Steal will probably mean he is 3betting light, which means you can 4bet bluff him or re-raise in the long term to pick up more chips.

In conclusion, I recommend anyone playing online poker for the long term, or NL 50+ cash games, to start using a HUD.  It gives you such a great advantage at the tables, and if I’m honest, I reckon you’ll add an extra 25% minimum to your profits after getting used to using one.  I also strongly suggest multi-tablers who usually spend their time on 4 or more tables to start using a HUD.  You may as well take advantage of Poker Office’s 5 day trial to begin with…

What Poker Sites Can I Use a Poker HUD?

There are a few dodgy brands of live tracking software tools that are banned at major poker sites.  However all of the major live poker tracker brands such as Poker Office work fine across every poker site.   I know that Poker Office 5 is allowed at over 40 poker sites including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet.  Some sites such as Titan Poker also offer online poker rewards which includes free tracking software.

Already Playing at PokerStars? Please see the PokerStars HUD page.